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MolBiosicences Symposium: Colors of Biotechnology

"Colors of Biotechnology" 5.-7.10.2023

The Molecular Biosciences Symposium, organized by Master students of Molecular Bioscience at Heidelberg University, cordially welcomes you to this year's exciting event: "Colors of Biotechnology"!

Biotechnology, an ever-advancing field with high relevance across various disciplines within Molecular Bioscience, takes center stage during our three-day symposium. Join us for captivating keynote lectures and interactive workshops, highlighting cutting-edge research in the vast realm of biotechnology. From modern industrial applications to agricultural, environmental, pharmaceutical, and life science approaches, we'll explore the spectrum of possibilities and delve into the ethical aspects of these advancements.



Introductory events at the beginning of the study programme

General Introduction to the programme

Monday, 16.10, at 10 am;  prob. on Zoom: Welcome to Heidelberg University and the programme

Major Cancer Biology Welcome Week:

  • Welcome at DKFZ with Introduction to the Study Program
  • „Meet your Peers“ Student Welcome incl. DKFZ Tour
  • Presentation of the First Semester Practical Courses, Distribution of the Places
  • DKFZ General Safety Instructions (mandatory)
  • Scientific Writing Workshop, Good Scientific Practice Intro, Career Development and Networking, DKFZ Central Library Services, DKFZ Administrative Matters

Major MCB


Major Molecular and Applied Plant Sciences


Major Developmental and Stem Cell Biology
Introduction Week:tba
Introduction to the Major and the research groups, Safety Briefing
Guided tours to labs and facilities of COS, DKFZ, KIT and EMBL, campus tour, social events etc.

Major Infectious Diseases

Welcome day on 17October

Major Neurosciences


Major Systems Biology



Molecular Biosciences - The program and the application

Information event about the program and how to get in -tba

We will give a introduction into the majors and the application procedure.

“SUSTAINABILITY IN SCIENCE” 29.09 - 01.10.2022

“Sustainability in Science” 29.09 - 01.10.2022

We would like to invite you to join our symposium and learn about how research can be, and currently is, designed sustainably, what research is being conducted to address the climate crisis, how to communicate science with non-scientists and how to sustainably take care of your own wellbeing. This student-focused symposium is also a great opportunity to engage with your peers and meet like-minded students.

  • https://molbioevents.wixsite.com/molbio-symposium