Bachelor's Degree ProgrammeBSc Biosciences

Modern biology deals with questions from the complex world of living structures and their interactions with the environment.  The organisation and dynamics of the biosphere and the structure and function of its parts are the subject of interest.

The Subject

This includes plants, animals and microorganisms, their structure and way of life, their diseases and defects as well as their healing. The basis is the study of cells as the smallest unit of all living beings with the methods of molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry and biophysics as well as bioinformatics.

The Study

A solid foundation of biological knowledge but also important key competences are taught through basic modules. These include the knowledge of biodiversity and evolution of the animal and plant world, physiology and developmental biology as well as biochemistry, molecular and cell biology and bioinformatics.

Experimental techniques as well as a broad spectrum of methods in modern biology are taught in special courses.  A profound basic knowledge in mathematics, physics and chemistry, which is taught at the beginning of the study programme, is important for the understanding and interpretation of biological data.

The curriculum allows you to set your own focus during your studies; you can follow your own areas of interest with specific courses, internships and seminars. We offer focus areas in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biophysics, Molecular Plant Sciences, Biodiversity/Evolution and Ecology, Parasitology/Virology, Physiology, Neurobiology, Developmental Biology and Systems Biology.

The programme is designed for 6 semesters and is completed with a Bachelor's thesis and its defence (disputation). The courses are modularised, assigned with credit points according to the ECTS and are examined during the course of study.

Training Objective

The Bachelor's degree programme “Biosciences” is a research-oriented programme which provides you with a first-class basis for your further education in national and international Master's and/or doctoral programmes. The Faculty of Biosciences already offers Molecular Biosciences and Molecular Biotechnology as continuing Master's programmes.
Being an independent professional qualification, the Bachelor's degree in Biosciences also opens up the possibility of direct entry into professions where a solid foundation in the Life Sciences is required, e.g. Patenting, Journalism, or Business.

Detailed breakdown of each semester's content in the Bachelor's degree programme in Biosciences:

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