BSc BiochemistryApplication

The Bachelor's degree program in Biochemistry started for the first time in the winter semester 2012/13. The program is limited to 25 places per year. The program can only be started in the winter semester. Places are allocated by means of a selection procedure (outlined below, please refer to the Auswahlsatzung under Forms and Links for details).


Prospective students with a university entrance qualification apply directly to Heidelberg University for participation in the selection procedure. The application takes place online exclusively, the submitted documents must be received by the University's Student Secretariat as PDFs by the deadline. Information on how to apply as well as the obligatory online form will be made available on the pages of the student secretariat from the beginning of June.

Note: It is mandatory to include the following attachments to the application:

  1. the certificate of the university entrance diploma (HZB), a relevant subject-related HZB or a foreign HZB that has been recognised as equivalent by the responsible state authority,
  2. proof of any subject-specific vocational training and employment, practical activities or extracurricular achievements and qualifications, including acquired English language skills, if English has not been taken as a foreign language in the last four semesters of the gymnasiale Oberstufe,
  3. presentation of the career to date and a written report justifying the choice of the intended course of study and the intended profession

Note: In order to ensure that your application is processed smoothly, we recommend that you send the application online as well as by letter with all documents to the Student Secretariat of Heidelberg University as early as possible. The note “Auswahlverfahren Biochemie” on the envelope helps to speed up processing.

Selection procedure

Places are allocated via a two-stage selection procedure.

A pre-selection for selection interviews is made on the basis of the grades of the university education entrance diploma, the total number of points achieved and, in particular, the individual grades in mathematics and in the natural sciences; relevant vocational training and practice as well as special extracurricular achievements are also taken into account. A ranking list is drawn up from this data. The first 75 applicants on the ranking list are then invited to selection interviews. 

The interviews will be conducted online via video conference call. 

The interviews will ususally take place on the last Friday in July.

Applicants will be invited by email, in this email you will also find instructions on the technical procedure. In any case, headphones/microphone and a camera are necessary. The interview can only be evaluated if your sound and image (!) can be transmitted in sufficient quality, so make sure you have a stable internet connection, ideally wired. 

The selection interviews will only take place on this one day. There are no exceptions and no alternative dates. The invitations to the selection interviews will be sent out by e-mail approximately one week beforehand. It is therefore essential to give your email address correctly when applying!

For the final ranking for admission to the study programme, the above-mentioned grades of the university entrance diploma and the result of the selection interview are weighted in half. The details of the selection procedure for the Bachelor's degree programme in Biochemistry are laid down in a selection statute and can be looked up there.

Special regulations apply to foreign applicants, about which the International Office of Heidelberg University provides information.