Studies and TeachingMedia Studio for Lecturers

Welcome to the media studio of the faculty in INF 501 (in the officies of HBIGS). We enable lecturers to record videos in professional audio and image quality for lectures, seminars, conferences and other occasions. Furthermore, you can also participate in Zoom conferences and simulate a digital auditorium.

Our setup (Image 1-3) allows for easy and convenient operation via plug & play. You only need to bring your laptop and your presentation. Available connections for laptops are HDMI, USB-C and miniDP. We will welcome you and give you an introduction. You can concentrate exclusively on your presentation. If you are interested in a live broadcast, please arrive about fifteen minutes in advance so that we can set up the Zoom conference accordingly.



In principle, the studio offers the following possibilities to present your talk:

  • TED Talk (Image 4): You stand in front of your slides, just like in a real lecture.
  • Keynote (Image 5): You appear in your slides, can point directly to illustrations or processes and explain them.
  • Tablet: A tablet with a digital pen can be used as a substitute for a traditional blackboard.
  • Furthermore, participants and the chat can be shown in a Zoom conference in order to be recorded in high quality.


You can change between these configurations seamlessly with the help of controllers during presentations. (Image 7)


During the recording, you can follow what is being recorded (you and your slides) on a screen. This ensures that you maintain eye contact and interaction with your virtual audience. Our setup is configured so that you can stop or pause the recording at any time. The different recordings can be merged afterwards. In a Zoom conference, you see the participants on a separate screen directly below so that you can interact better with your audience. (Image 8)


If you would like to record a lecture or give a live lecture via Zoom, simply send an email to mediastudio@uni-heidelberg.de to schedule an appointment. On site, you will be shown how to operate the media studio and our student assistants (HiWis) will be on hand to give you advice and support. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.

If required, we can offer you an editing and post-production service.

The use of the media studio is free of charge for lecturers of the Faculty of Biosciences.

Please note the following:

Do not wear a green shirt or one that shows a logo or text. The green screen will make you disappear in the video and the logo/text will appear mirrored.

We recommend splitting longer presentations (e.g. lectures) into smaller parts of 15-30 minutes. The upload limit on Moodle is 250 MB. We can compress long recordings to that size, but if they are over an hour long, the quality suffers greatly. In addition, experience has shown that with these recommendations it is easier for you to record, for us to edit and for the students to listen.

We recommend using a 16:9 aspect ratio to make proper use of the available screen space.


  • Computer: Windows 10, Ryzen 7 3800 (8 core, 16 thread @ 3,9GHz), GeForce 1660, 32GB RAM, 4k Samsung Display
  • Camera: DSLR, Nikon D7500 + 18-140mm lens
  • Microphone: Rode Wireless GO + Rode Lavalier GO
  • Lighting: 3x Elgato Key Light, Professional Studio LED Panel with 2800 lumens, Colour Adjustable
  • Controller: 1x Elgato Stream Deck & 1x Elgato Stream Deck Mini - Live Content Creation Controller, Logitech Spotlight Presenter
  • Acquisition card: Blackmagic QUAD Deck Link HDMI


  • Da Vinci Resolve
  • Handbrake
  • OBS
  • Zoom