Teaching and ResearchHabilitation

In order to successfully apply for an academic position with teaching duties, for example a professorship, it is important to be able to prove teaching experience. To make this easier, our faculty offers a teaching certificate. It confirms that teaching has been carried out in a way and to an extend that is sufficient for a habilitation. In order to obtain the certificate, one submits an informal application to which the Verification of Teaching Experience form is attached.

Verification of Teaching Experience

The habilitation is the recognition by the faculty of a special qualification for research and teaching in a subject or field of biosciences. The habilitation conference consists of all professors and private lecturers who belong to the faculty and work full-time at the university. In the conference, a decision on the habilitation is made on the basis of the following habilitation achievements:

  • The submission of a habilitation thesis or scientific publications. The work must show the applicant's suitability for the research activity that was assigned by the professors: Habilitation thesis
  • A scientific lecture before the habilitation conference with subsequent discussion
  • A course related to the degree programme as proof of pedagogical-didactic aptitude
  • Proof of courses

The exact regulations regarding the habilitation procedure can be found in the Habilitation Regulations and in the Information Sheet on the Habilitation Procedure.

More Information

The Vice Dean for habilitations and research is Prof. Alexis Maizel