Teaching and ResearchHabilitation

The habilitation is the recognition by the faculty of a special qualification for research and teaching in a subject or field of biosciences. 

Habilitations are awarded by the faculty and the Habilitation Council, which consists of all professors and private lecturers who belong to the faculty and work full-time at the university. Habilitations are awarded based on the following elements:

  • The Habilitation thesis. This document provides an overview of the applicant's scientific competence and achievements. or scientific publications.
  • A scientific lecture in front of the habilitation council.  The candidate introduces to the council his.her scientific achievements, current research and future plans, as well as his.her involvement in teaching in the faculty. This presentation is followed by a Q&A session.
  • Proof of teaching experience (teaching certificate, read below)
  • A demonstration of the candidate's pedagogical-didactic aptitude by giving a 20-30 mins course (at advanced Bsc or Msc level).

More details about the habilitation procedure can be found in the official Habilitation Regulations (German only) and the Information Sheet (German and English) available for download on this page.

Teaching certificate

The teaching certificate, is part of the requirements to be submitted when applying for Habilitation. This certificate officially acknowledges the teaching activities of a person in our faculty.  It confirms that teaching has been carried out in a way and to an extent that is sufficient for habilitation.

Obtaining the Habilitation is not an absolute requirement to apply for an academic position with teaching duties, for example, a professorship.  The habilitation, or equivalent, is typically requested. To make the process of documenting a sufficient involvement in teaching,  our faculty offers a teaching certificate. To obtain the certificate, the applicant submits an informal application, to which the Verification of Teaching Experience form is attached.

Verification of Teaching Experience

More Information

Potential candidates for the Habilitation are encouraged to contact the Vice Dean for habilitations and research  Prof. Alexis Maizel