MSc Molecular Biosciences - FAQFAQ


Proof of English language skills (not necessary for native speakers)
either by:
a) a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with at least 570 paper-based TOEFL-Test or 230 computer-based TOEFL-Test or 90 internet-based TOEFL-Test. We do not have an institutional TOEFL code, please send the score with your application.
b) an International English Language Test System with at least 6,5
c) a Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE )
d) a Bachelor Thesis written in English (Please submit a pdf containing the first pages - Titel, Abstract, First page of Introduction)
e) If you do not have these, but are shortlisted, we will judge your competence during the interview, which will be conducted in English.
We offer a lot of possibilities, please do not ask for more.

Do I need to submit any physical documents during the application?
the application is completely online, you have to upload the documents to the HeiCo Platform. Mandatory documents are: transcripts, certificates, diplomas, CV. Supporting materials (practicals, prizes), language proofs, and APS can be uploaded later

Do I need an APS?
yes, if your degree is from China, Vietnam or India. We expect the APS from all applicants, who already have obtained their bachelor degree. Applicants who are applying in their last bachelor year, can submit the APS at a later stage.

Is a 3 year Bachelor from India acceptable?
Yes, if the program starts with Biology in the first year.

What about German language skills
Only English is required to join the program. But you will be living in a German speaking country, German skills are helpful for your private life.

Do you have scholarships, financial support, funding?
In Germany, education is financed by tax payers, that means that Germans and other European nationals do not have to pay tuition fees.
The university has a small amount of tuition fee waivers for international students. Jobs for student assistents are possible as well, which can proved some extra finances. 

more about costs

Why is my application not valid ?

  • According to the guidelines of the Central Office for International Education Affairs in Bonn (Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen ZAB) your Bachelor/university do not allow you to embark on a master’s course at Heidelberg University.
  • Your application did not include all the required documents. One or more of the following documents are missing:
    o copy of the Higher education diploma
    o copy of the Transcript of records
    o missing translation of the Higher education diploma into German or English
    o Grading system, indicating highest grade and passing grade
    o Original certificate of the Akademische Prüfstelle (APS) in China, Ulan Baator/ Mongolia or Hanoi/ Vietnam

Why wasn't I shortlisted for the interviews?
We receive many applications each year and it is impossible to accommodate everybody. We are in the luxurious position that we are able to pick the best students that apply. If you have not been shortlisted, you may wish to know why, and if you can do anything about it. Please do not write to ask.
Here are three of the most frequent reasons:

  • Your degree does not have enough solid background for example in molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell biology to prepare you for our course.
  • For example, for degrees from Africa, Middle Eastern countries, and the Indian subcontinent, this usually applies to Medical Laboratory Technology and Pharmacy, and often (though not always) to Veterinary medicine and Medicine. We scrutinise course content carefully. If you do not know enough at the start, you will not understand our lectures at all and will therefore be extremely unhappy, fail the exams, and be unable to continue the course. You CAN do something about this. First, you can do a year, at least, of study specifically in molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry, in your own country or elsewhere. Some relevant molecular research experience will help a lot too, especially if it includes a broad range of methods. You could also apply to our bachelor course, if you can speak German and have financial support.
  • Your grades are not high enough.
  • We pay particular attention to your most recent grades in relevant subjects. We are aware that different countries have different standards, and that universities and colleges within a country vary too; we take this into account. As a general guideline, for letter grades, we expect to see a very high proportion in the range of B+, A, and (if given) E (excellent). Indian students should have many grades above 70% and at least some in the 80% range.
  • Your degree formally does not qualify you to start a Masters in Germany.
    The most common example of this is a three-year bachelors degree from India. To qualify you need an extra year, for example in a more advanced programme. Exceptionally, a year of research experience may be a substitute. If you are uncertain about this try enquiring at the local German consulate or DAAD office.