COS Scientist wins KlarText-Prize

28/07/20 COS Scientist Dr. Erika Tsingos wins the KlarText-Prize (Plain Text Prize) awarded by the Klaus Tschira Foundation, in the category Biology. She wrote the text about her scientific research on the topic of stem cells in the retina of the Japanese rice fish 'Medaka'. [...]

Information for Supervisors / Information für Betreuer + Gutachter

Current Doctoral Degree Regulations


List of examiners

New sortable Excel Spreadsheet listing Supervisors/Examiners for Biology and Pharmacy: List of Examiners


Grading information for Thesis / Dissertation Evaluations and Defense Examination

MerkblattNotengabe (Possible marks / Grading System)

In case you grade a thesis 1,0 ("very good") - additionally submit this form:

Summa-cum-laude Fragebogen  (Word Document)
Summa-cum-laude Fragebogen  (PDF)
Summa-cum-laude Information (PDF - English)


Application requirements for Junior Research Group Leaders requesting the status of „Second Supervisor” for doctoral candidates at the Faculty of Biosciences:

  • Please use the application form 2GA Antrag Biologie/Pharmazie
  • Submit proof that you have attained your current position by means of a competitive procedure. (On the application form, under point 1, there's a list of possible selections.)
  • Provide the number of PhD students, postdocs and technical assistants in your group (point 2).
  • Submit proof that you have your own independent funding (point 3).
  • Submit proof that you can publish independently (point 4, list of your publications will suffice)
  • Choose the subject you would like to be supervisor for: Biology or Pharmacy (point 5)
  • You must be willing to take on teaching amounting to 2 SWS  (Bachelor or Master) for the Faculty of Biosciences. Before sending in your application, contact Frau Dr. Andrea Wolk  (  to discuss details of your teaching and to have your application signed. (point 6)
  • Provide your CV and, as mentioned above, a list of your publications.
  • Submit all documents to the PhD Office. The Doctoral Degree Committee will decide on your application in the next meeting.                               

Application Form: Second Supervisors

2GA Antrag  (for Junior Research Group Leaders)