Young Researcher's award goes to COS postdoc

12/8/19 Philippe Golfier, a postdoc from the BBW ForWerts Graduate Program at Centre for Organismal Studies (COS) at Heidelberg University has received the award of the 'Dr. Alexander and Dr. Rosemarie Bauer Stiftung'. The foundation supports young researchers with 2800 € for a research stay abroad to advance their research and to build an international network. [...]

MSc Molecular Biosciences - News

Vacation Announcement

Examination office: 16. Sep - 4. Oct

Coordinator: 28. Aug - 13 Sept


Opening Events

General Introduction to MB: Monday, 14.10.2019, 10 am INF 360, Lecture hall

Major Cancer Biology Welcome Events
15.-21. October: Introduction to DKFZ; presentation of first-semester practical courses and distribution of places; DKFZ administrative matters, Safety instructions, Campus Tour, Workshops, etc.

Developmental and Stem Cell Biology

Introduction Week 14.10.-18.10.:
Introduction to the Major and the research groups, guided tours to labs and facilities of COS, DKFZ, KIT and EMBL, Safety Briefing, campus tour, social events 

Infectious Diseases


Molecular and Applied Plant Sciences

Welcome 15.10.2019  14-16 , R. 00.001 in INF 230

Molecular and Cellular Biology

Welcome 14.10.2019 13:30 - 19:30, room 001, INF 282, ZMBH

Also during the rest of the first week, there will be several activities



Systems Biology




BIOspective: Talks from a new perspective

In the upcoming events popular scientists, life science professionals, industry representatives, and other science relevant persons will be invited to the University of Heidelberg and will give first-hand insights into their own career path and research.

This talk series is organised by students for students of all levels. Everybody is welcome to propose lecturers and to take an active part in the organisation. Moreover these talks will be unique in Heidelberg, providing a platform for bilateral discussion and for crosstalk between the years. We are looking forward to see you there. Look here for details