COS Scientist wins KlarText-Prize

28/07/20 COS Scientist Dr. Erika Tsingos wins the KlarText-Prize (Plain Text Prize) awarded by the Klaus Tschira Foundation, in the category Biology. She wrote the text about her scientific research on the topic of stem cells in the retina of the Japanese rice fish 'Medaka'. [...]

Information from the Faculty of Biosciences on Teaching and Studies during the CoViD 19-Pandemic

General information summersemester 2020

The summersemester will start as scheduled on April 20, however all teaching will either be held online (most of the theoretical courses) or is postponed to later in the semester (most of the practical courses). This of course because of the CoViD-19 pandemic and the resulting measures.

General information about the Corona-virus and how this affects the university can be found here


Specific information about how to handle both family and work in times of Corona can be found on the site of the Equal Opportunities Office:


More specific information about the situation at the Faculty of Biosciences: 


Information on Teaching

Information on Exams

Information on Technical stuff