Karin Schumacher will be Vice-Rector Quality Development

6/6/19 From October 2019, Karin Schumacher (COS) will be Vice-Rector in the rectorate of the university. In that role she will be responsible for quality development and quality culture, as well as for the system accreditation. The Rectorate consists of two full-time members, the Rector and the Kanzler, as well as four part-time Vice-Rectors. [...]

Faculty Calendar

19/06/2019 Faculty Council Meeting
24/07/2019 Faculty Council Meeting
26-27/7/2019 Molecular Biosciences Student Symposium
16/10/2019 Faculty Council Meeting
13/11/2019 Faculty Council Meeting
15/01/2020 Faculty Council Meeting
5/02/2020 Faculty Council Meeting


The Heidelberg Life Science Community hosts numerous scientific lectures, which are listed in the CellNetworks Calendar

During the Summersemester of 2018 the faculty hosted the 'Akademische Mittagspause', a complete list of the lectures can be found here.