Faculty of Engineering Sciences starts

01/10/21 With the aim of pooling its expertise in the field of technology and engineering, and expanding its range of research and subjects in a field of competence that is developing dynamically, Heidelberg University has founded a new faculty – the Faculty of Engineering Sciences. [...]

Information for Supervisors / Information für Betreuer + Gutachter

Current Doctoral Degree Regulations


List of supervisors / examiners

New sortable Excel Spreadsheet listing Supervisors/Examiners for Biology and Pharmacy: List of Examiners


Grading information for Thesis / Dissertation Evaluations and Defense Examination

MerkblattNotengabe (Possible marks / Grading System)

In case you grade a thesis 1,0 ("very good") - additionally submit this form:

Summa-cum-laude Fragebogen  (Word Document)
Summa-cum-laude Fragebogen  (PDF)
Summa-cum-laude Information (PDF - English)


Application requirements for Junior Research Group Leaders requesting the status of „Supervisor” for doctoral candidates at the Faculty of Biosciences:

  • Please use the application form Gutachter Antrag Biologie/Pharmazie
  • Submit proof that you have attained your current position by means of a competitive procedure. (On the application form, under point 1, there's a list of possible selections.)
  • Provide the number of PhD students, postdocs and technical assistants in your group (point 2).
  • Submit proof that you have your own independent funding (point 3).
  • Submit proof that you can publish independently (point 4, list of your publications will suffice)
  • Choose the subject you would like to be supervisor for: Biology or Pharmacy (point 5)
  • You must be willing to take on teaching amounting to 2 SWS  (Bachelor or Master) for the Faculty of Biosciences. Before sending in your application, contact Frau Dr. Andrea Wolk  (  to discuss details of your teaching and to have your application signed. (point 6)
  • Provide your CV and, as mentioned above, a list of your publications.
  • Submit all documents to the PhD Office. The Doctoral Degree Committee will decide on your application in the next meeting.                               

Application Form: Supervisor

Gutachter Antrag  (for Junior Research Group Leaders)