Key Protein identified that regulated N-terminal acetylation in plants

22/6/22 Proteins are existential building blocks of life that also have numerous functions in plants. An average plant cell contains more than 20 billion protein molecules that maintain cellular metabolism and stabilise their structure. [...]

PhD Registration / Antrag auf Annahme

Please register with the Faculty of Biosciences no later than 6 weeks after the start of your PhD work. Before you register with the Faculty of Biosciences, make sure you have met the requirements (see 'before you start').

COVID 19:  The PhD Office is currently not open for personal visits, please contact us via email.

For registration, you may submit all required documents by standard post, "Hauspost" or directly in the blue mailbox outside of building INF 234, where the PhD office is housed. Please inform the PhD office accordingly by email.

Note: All signatures on the application must be original.

Please submit the following documents to the PhD Office:

  1. Application Form for admission as a PhD candidate, including the original signatures from your Faculty supervisor and one more supervisor. Use the List of Examiners to check the status of your supervisors (FGA = Faculty supervisor,  GGA = supervisor from the list or "external" - see explanation on the list). Both supervisors also act as referees of your thesis and as examiners in your defense examination committee.   
  2. Indication of the structured PhD program you will attend (you should be pre-approved) on the application form.
  3. Copy of your identity card / passport.
  4. Commitment to Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice (GSP) signed by you and your Faculty supervisor and, if differing, your direct supervisor.
  5. Research Integrity Certificate:  E-Learning course by Epigeum                                                                                               This is a pilot project from the Faculty of Biosciences and the Graduate Academy of Heidelberg University. Prospective PhD students of the Faculty of Biosciences need to submit the course certificate, together with the registration (Annahme als Doktorand), to be eligible for acceptance by the Faculty of Biosciences. A mandatory prerequisite to participate in this course is the supervision confirmation of your Faculty Supervisor (FGA). (Contrary information regarding course registration on the Graduate Academy’s webpage does not apply to applicants of the Faculty of Biosciences.)                                                            DKFZ and EMBL candidates: DKFZ and EMBL conduct their own Epigeum trainings, please contact your DKFZ PhD Program Office / EMBL Graduate Office.
  6. Abstract of your PhD project (printed in German or in English, 1 page).
  7. University degrees: Two (2) normal copies of all of your university degrees (e.g. Bachelor of Science and Master of Science  certificates / diploma and transcripts of records. /  B.Sc. und M.Sc. Urkunden und Zeugnisse (mit Einzelleistungen) oder Staatsexamen) plus the original documents for verification.                                                                                                              If your degrees have not been issued in English or German, official translations are required.                                                      By showing the originals and handing-over the normal copies, the normal copies can be certified in the PhD Office, while you keep the originals.  Please bring the two normal copies already along.

    or alternatively:                                                                                                                                                                                Two (2) officially certified copies of your university degrees (e.g. Bachelor of Science and Master of Science  certificates / diploma and transcripts of records. /  B.Sc. und M.Sc. Urkunden und Zeugnisse (mit Einzelleistungen), oder Staatsexamen). These certified copies will be kept in the PhD office.                                                                                                                         If your degrees have not been issued in English or German, official translations are required.
  8. CV including information concerning your Master/Diploma-thesis (duration, title, number of pages).
  9. PhD students holding an university degree from abroad should add:                                                                                        Proof of German or English language skills (not necessary for native-speakers):  Check the Language Requirements

Acceptance letter and matriculation

Once you have been accepted as doctoral candidate / PhD student by the Faculty of Biosciences, you will receive a confirmation letter ("Antrag auf Annahme als Doktorand/in", in German) to your workplace address. This letter is an important document that you should keep. Our international PhD students may find the English translation of this letter here: English translation acceptance letter.

In addition, an acknowledgement for the student administration is enclosed ("Bestätigung für die Studierendenadministration"). You will need this confirmation for your matriculation. It is only valid for 6 months.

Note and check:

Only complete application documents for admission as a PhD candidate will be considered.

PhD Registration: During Corona crisis please use the blue mailbox for your documents.

Address of the PhD Office, walk-in opening hours and closure times: click here.