Key Protein identified that regulated N-terminal acetylation in plants

22/6/22 Proteins are existential building blocks of life that also have numerous functions in plants. An average plant cell contains more than 20 billion protein molecules that maintain cellular metabolism and stabilise their structure. [...]

MSc Molecular Biosciences - News

Introduction Events for 2022/23 class

General Introduction to the program

Monday 17.10, 10 am;  prob Zoom: Welcome to Heidelberg University and the program


Major Cancer Biology Welcome Week:

17.-21. October 2022 (planned in presence)
  • Welcome at DKFZ with Introduction to the Study Program
  • "Meet your Peers" Student Welcome incl. DKFZ Tour
  • Presentation of the First Semester Practical Courses, Distribution of the Places
  • DKFZ General Safety Instructions (mandatory)
  • Scientific Writing Workshop, Good Scientific Practice Intro, Career Development and Networking, DKFZ Central Library Services, DKFZ Administrative Matters

Major MCB

Monday 17.10 - 14:00-17:30 - INF 230 / R. 00.007


Major Molecular and Applied Plant Sciences

Welcome Event 14.10.22, 14:00 – 18:00, BioQuant, INF 267, SR 043:
Followed by Get Together at the Bräustadel


Major Developmental and Stem Cell Biology
Introduction Week 17.10.-21.10.2022, INF 230, room 00.005:
Introduction to the Major and the research groups, Safety Briefing
Guided tours to labs and facilities of COS, DKFZ, KIT and EMBL, campus tour, social events etc.


Major Infectious Diseases



Major Neurosciences

Tuesday 18.10 - 10:00-13:00 - INF 230 / R. 00.007


Major Systems Biology

Wednesday 19.10 - 10:00-12:00 - BioQuant (INF267 SR44)

Introduction to Molecular Biosciences

Information about the program, application etc. on February the  23


Student Activities

 Look here for details