Key Protein identified that regulated N-terminal acetylation in plants

22/6/22 Proteins are existential building blocks of life that also have numerous functions in plants. An average plant cell contains more than 20 billion protein molecules that maintain cellular metabolism and stabilise their structure. [...]

Technical Stuff

Due to the CoViD pandemic, teaching is rapidly transforming into an online enterprise. Several questions and resources are needed and currently being studied. An overview:


Questions with respect to copyright

Questions and answers about digital teaching:

WIKI on tools

An ongoing project to value the diffent tools which are being used for online teaching. The results can be found in this wiki: 

Tools (URZ)

the IT department of the university has developed several tools to use for online teaching: 

How to develop Elearning

The Institut für Bildungswissenschaften have compiled a nice list of resources and tips on how to effectively structure Elearning: