Faculty of Engineering Sciences starts

01/10/21 With the aim of pooling its expertise in the field of technology and engineering, and expanding its range of research and subjects in a field of competence that is developing dynamically, Heidelberg University has founded a new faculty – the Faculty of Engineering Sciences. [...]

Technical Stuff

Due to the CoViD pandemic, teaching is rapidly transforming into an online enterprise. Several questions and resources are needed and currently being studied. An overview:


Questions with respect to copyright

Questions and answers about digital teaching:

WIKI on tools

An ongoing project to value the diffent tools which are being used for online teaching. The results can be found in this wiki: 

Tools (URZ)

the IT department of the university has developed several tools to use for online teaching: 

How to develop Elearning

The Institut für Bildungswissenschaften have compiled a nice list of resources and tips on how to effectively structure Elearning: