Key Protein identified that regulated N-terminal acetylation in plants

22/6/22 Proteins are existential building blocks of life that also have numerous functions in plants. An average plant cell contains more than 20 billion protein molecules that maintain cellular metabolism and stabilise their structure. [...]

Teaching in times of CoViD-19

Teaching in the faculty of Bioscience can rudimentary be divided into three categories: Lecture series, seminars, practicals (incl thesiswork). For these different categories the following general changes apply:

Lecture series 

Most of the lecture series in the summersemester will be transformed into online lecture series using the diffent tools the university IT department has supplied us with. Contact your program coordinator to learn about the details. 

Seminar series

Most of the seminar series will also be moved online, either streaming or prerecorded. Contact either directly the organisers which can be found in LSF, or your program coordinator to learn more. 

Practicals and Labwork

This is of courses something that is not so easilly transfered to an online version. Although in some programs, some of the practicals have actually been transformed in an online variant, in this case you will have been contacted about that. 

Online Bioinformatic courses

Some of the programs have used this opportunity to expand on bioinformatic courses, it might be an excellent time to skill yourself in these areas.


For some of the lecture series registration goes through LSF, use this so the invitations for the online teaching lands in your inbox.