Key Protein identified that regulated N-terminal acetylation in plants

22/6/22 Proteins are existential building blocks of life that also have numerous functions in plants. An average plant cell contains more than 20 billion protein molecules that maintain cellular metabolism and stabilise their structure. [...]

Faculty Council

The faculty council advises in all important matters that concern the faculty. The following topics are subject to the explicit approval of the council:

  • the structural and development plans of the Faculty,
  • the educational programmes, changes and/or discontinuation of faculty institutions,
  • the rules and regulations of the study programmes, in this case also the approval of the respective Study Committee is required.
  • the appointment of new professors

The Faculty of Biosciences has instituted a large faculty council, whose members are:

Permanent members of the faculty council (regular and co-opted professors of the faculty):

Detlev Arendt, Hilmar Bading, Ralf Bartenschlager, Michael Boutros, Benedikt Brors, Britta Brügger, Michael Brunner, Bernd Bukau, Christine Clayton, Sylvia Erhardt, Oliver Fackler, Marc Freichel, Gert Fricker, Stephan Frings, Frauke Gräter, Thomas Greb, Walter Haefeli, Markus Hecker, Rüdiger Hell, Thomas W. Holstein, Ed Hurt, Andres Jäschke, Claudio Joazeiro, Henrik Kaessmann, Christian Klein, Michael Knop, Marcus Koch, Hans-Georg Kräusslich, Ursula Kummer, Michael Lanzer, Marius Lemberg, Steffen Lemke, Ingrid Lohmann, Jan Lohmann, Frank Lyko, Alexis Maizel, Ana Martin-Villalba, Daniela Mauceri, Frauke Melchior, Hannah Monyer, Ulrike Müller, Walter Nickel, Gislene Pereira, Gabriele Elisabeth Pollerberg, Gudrun Rappold, Thomas Rausch, Robert Russell, Elmar Schiebel, Ilme Schlichting, Karin Schumacher, Christoph M. Schuster, Ulrich Schwarz, Irmgard Sinning, Rainer Spanagel, Georg Stoecklin, Sabine Strahl, Uwe Strähle, Rebecca Wade, Thomas Wieland, Michael Wink, Joachim Wittbrodt, Stefan Wölfl,
(contact information can be found under 'Lecturers' in the menu on the left)

Elected members of the faculty council - faculty staff:

Claudia Erbar, Steffen Greiner, Matthias Mayer, Frank Möhrlen, Gabriele Reich
(these members are elected every four years)

Elected members of the faculty council – administrative and technical staff:

Petra Fellhauer, Katrin Kneféli,
(these members are elected every four years)

Elected members of the faculty council – students:

Lisa Marie Milchsack, Salome Steinke, Constantin Reinelt, Carolin Hansen, Melisa-Duygu Acikgöz, Giulia Pander, Alison Gentilini,
Durdan Rasidov. (these members are elected every year and can be contacted through the 'Fachschaften',, &


In general the Faculty Council meets 2 to 3 times per Semester to discuss all faculty related issues including education and the appointment of professors.

Faculty Council Meetings can be found in the Faculty Calendar.