KlarText Prize – apply until 28/02

Dr. Dominik Niopek did not only win the Ruprecht-Karls-Preis, he also was selected for the Klaus-Tschira KlarText Prize last October. This prize is awarded to scientists who are able to explain the subject of their thesis in a clear and entertaining way. [...]

PhD Thesis Submission / Abgabe der Dissertation

Writing the thesis

Time restrictions

  • Please make sure that you submit your thesis with the required documents to the PhD Office not later than 8 weeks before your oral examination, together with the confirmed date of your defence.
  • When the PhD Office is closed (closure times here), you have to add these periods to the 8 week advance submission requirement;  however you can schedule your defense examination during these times.

Submitting the thesis

  • In addition to your registered 1st and 2nd reviewers (Erstgutachter, Zweitgutachter) find a third and fourth examiner from the List of Examiners. Let your first and second examiner (reviewers) sign the Zusatzblatt zur Prüfungskommission (Examination Commission Form).  Please note as well that only examiners mentioned on the list as 'Vorsitz' can be chairperson of your examination committee. Arrange a date for the thesis defense in accordance with the Faculty's regulations.
  • Carefully read How to Defense (PDF) to see which documents you have to submit to the PhD Office. Use the checklist at the end, to make sure you have all the required documents.
  • When you have registered for the defense of your thesis, you will receive a confirmation letter in German. Our international PhD students may find the English translation of this letter here. This translation is for information purposes only, the German text is legally binding.

Defending the thesis

  • Normally, the format of the defense consists of 15 - 20 minutes presentation, about 20 minutes thesis related questions and  approx. 20 minutes discussion and general questioning. You can choose the media for your presentation. If you do a computer presentation (PowerPoint or presentation programs), you have to take care of the technical aspects such as availability of a beamer, compatibility of programs etc. Remember that technical equipment tends to break down in the least expected moment.
  • You should present your own work - do not give a review of the field. You should use your own figures from your thesis, scans from books or papers are not allowed, and the use of material from the Internet is equally discouraged.

After Defending

  • After having successfully defended your thesis, you must publish your thesis (§13) in order to conclude the PhD process. If you don't publish within two years of your exam, you will forfeit your PhD degree altogether (!).
  • Fill in, sign and let your first examiner sign the Veröffentlichungsnachweis (Proof of Publication Form). You need to come to the PhD Office and pick up 3 copies of your thesis, submit them to the library and get a signature /stamp there. Finally the filled in, signed and stamped Proof of Publication has to be submitted to the PhD Office.
  • You may publish your thesis either in printed form, or online through the university's library document service (see information about online publishing provided by HeiDok) or by publication.
  • Information about opting in/out from the PhD Celebration is here.

Forms and Information for PhD thesis and Defense Examination

Note and check:

Only complete  documents for thesis submission will be considered.

Thesis submission is only possible during walk-in opening hours.

Address of the PhD Office, walk-in opening hours and closure times: click here.