KlarText Prize – apply until 28/02

Dr. Dominik Niopek did not only win the Ruprecht-Karls-Preis, he also was selected for the Klaus-Tschira KlarText Prize last October. This prize is awarded to scientists who are able to explain the subject of their thesis in a clear and entertaining way. [...]

MSc Molecular Biosciences - Application


We welcome applications from students who have, or expect to have, completed a relevant Bachelors degree with an above-average* grade by the end of the academic year preceding the desired semester of entry.

*Guidelines: German system: at least 2.4; British system, 2.1 or above. Degree subjects should generally be focussed on some aspect of biological sciences, but students with other relevant degrees, for example in chemistry or physics, may be considered for some Majors (see their web links for more information).

Application: gateway to the application

You can follow the process, see below.

Deadline: 15 March, 2018

Programme Start: 1 October, 2018

When you apply you will be expected to name your preferred Major, and to give a second choice. The numbers of places available in each Major are limited. The initial selection will be made on the basis of the grades obtained so far, plus any other relevant qualifications and experience. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed.

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Process status result
Application until March 15 (application period starts February 1st)  Application Gateway:  
List of applications which arrived in time:    

Checking of validity (formal checking)





Transforming the grades    

Preranking by the admission committees:



Invitations to the interviews

Only candidates with a high preranking will be contacted by email. If you do not get an invitation it means, that you did not pass the first round successfully.

I regret to say, that if you are not one of the applicants who passed the first round, I can not tell you the individual reasons why. I have no access to the data. Please have a look at Why am I not on the shortlist.




Short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview, alternatively overseas candidates will be interviewed by telephone/Skype







Dispatch of admission letters

The admission letters are send by email (international only) and in paper form. We use the address you have provided us - please have a look in that mailbox (your home address??).

We will send the admission letters by normal post only, it is not possible to use a courier service.



Second round of admissions

Students have to confirm their admission by 31 July.

If we have places left, candidates lower down the list can be admitted in this stage.

The rejection letters will be send as soon as the Zulassungszahlenverordnung becomes valid    


Valid Application:

If you are not on the list please have a look at our FAQ.

Frequently made mistakes: forms not signed, missing transcripts, transcripts/diplomas not certified