KlarText Prize – apply until 28/02

Dr. Dominik Niopek did not only win the Ruprecht-Karls-Preis, he also was selected for the Klaus-Tschira KlarText Prize last October. This prize is awarded to scientists who are able to explain the subject of their thesis in a clear and entertaining way. [...]

MSc Molecular Biosciences - Student Activities

Retreat 2018

Dear students, the registration for the retreat will start soon and therefore we would like to inform you about this year’s procedure.

To register for the Retreat 2018 (March 5th - 6th 2018 in Tagungshaus Schönenberg) all that you have to do is to fill in the provided form, save the filled out file under your name, and send it to this email adress:, which will be published via mail and at this page at registration start. The registration will start January 18th at 5 pm.

It would be smart to fill out the sheet beforehand, so you can send it directly to the announced account. Please, keep in mind that since the number of places is limited, the sooner you send the form the higher probability to be successfully registered. 

After the registration deadline (January 23rd at 5 pm) you will be informed if you got a slot for the retreat. We will also do a waiting list for the remaining students. 

Also keep in mind that for the retreat there will be a 10 € participation fee, which we will collect at a follow up info meeting. This info meeting will take place on January 25th at 6 pm in the big lecture hall (gHS) in INF230. If you cannot attend this meeting, but got a slot, please inform us, so we can arrange this. 

Besides that it is mandatory that everyone contributes in the form of either preparing a scientific poster or a 3 minute lightning talk for the event.

For the talk you have a maximum of 3 min and you will be cut off at exactly that time. 3-5 slides should be enough.

The posters can be made in teams of two and will have a size of A1. During the poster session 1 person per poster should stay with the poster to explain it to the others. A template for posters will be provided and printing and transport will also be arranged by the organization team.

The slots for posters and talks are limited, respectively. Therefore, if too many people want to do the same task we might have to redistribute you to the other task. Because of this please state during the registration whether you prefer to give a talk, make a poster, or are comfortable with either.

Topic wise there are no real restrictions as long as you can connect it to the general theme “Ways in life science and life in science”. Just start thinking about potential topics you would like to present and when you have decided on a topic please let us know what the topic is, so we can ensure that single topics will not be covered multiple times. The contact address for the talks/posters will be the same one as for the registration.

After the info meeting (January 25th) you will have approximately three weeks time to prepare either the talk or the poster and hand it in, since we need to arrange the presentations and print out the posters for the retreat. Failure to prepare the poster/talk in time will result in you not being allowed to participate in the retreat.

Since the university-mailing system sometimes has some issues you can let your study mates know, that these information, including the registration file can also be found at the university homepage.


Thanks a lot for your time and all the best,

The retreat orga team 2018


Student Speakers Committee

The principle idea of the committee is to discuss, organize and realise projects. It is our goal to build bridges between the different majors, as well as different years of study, for example by organising social events. Another aim is to collect ideas on how to improve the teaching and learning experience in the molecular bioscience master programme.

There are several projects that have already been implemented by the committee:

  • Study Buddy: a student mentoring programme for the students of the first year
  • BIOspective, talks from a new perspective: a key speaker series.
  • BioSciences Retreat: a two-day retreat

The official members of the committee are the major speakers, but anyone who wants to become involved is highly welcome to join any meeting. These take place on a regular basis, usually once per month.

If you want to join, simply write us a short message to the email address provided below and we will let you know about the next meeting.

Contact: email to or approach any of the major speakers directly.


Study Buddy

We have organised a “study buddy” mentoring programme for those students who are new to Heidelberg, to help then find their way around the university campus and Heidelberg city. In total, about 50 foreign students were matched with students already familiar with Heidelberg. The idea is to offer this service to German students who are new in the area as well.


BIOspective: Talks from a new perspectiveBioSpective

Popular scientists, life science professionals, industry representatives, and other science relevant persons will be invited to the Heidelberg University and will give first-hand insights into their own career path and research.

This series of talks is organized by us students for students of all levels. Everybody is welcome to propose lecturers and to take an active part in the organisation. Moreover, these talks will be unique in Heidelberg, providing a platform for bilateral discussion and for crosstalk between the different years and levels of study. We are looking forward to seeing you there.


BIOspective: Dr. Giorgio Galli

We are pleased to invite you to the first BIOspective talk in 2018, which will take place on January 11th in BioQuant (SR041), at 6 pm.

At some stage, everyone has to decide whether to continue their career in academia or to move into industry. This time, Dr. Galli, laboratory head at the Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research, will discuss his career path, in which he transitioned multiple times between academia and industry. Furthermore, he will share his insight on pros and cons of each environment, explaining his thoughts behind each transition and describe how cancer research is approached in the industry.

This is a great opportunity to get first-hand information about the transition zone between both science-related worlds.

You can find additional information below

We wish you Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

The BIOspective orga


MCB Journal Club

The Journal Club gives us master students a platform to meet, be together and discuss exciting scientific topics in a relaxed atmosphere.

For each meeting, two people prepare a short presentation (approximately 15 min) about a scientific issue of their choice, which can then be discussed by everyone afterwards.

This is also a great opportunity to practice and improve your presentation skills and get valuable feedback by your peers!

We meet every two or three weeks at 8 pm in one of the seminar rooms at the ground floor of the ZMBH. Dates are announced via email or on our Facebook page.

You are highly welcome to join us anytime!

For contact please write to or


Biosciences Soccer Team

Who says scientists are not interested in sports?!

Our Biosciences Soccer Team definitely proves them wrong. We usually meet on the weekend, latest every other week at the Soccer Arena Heidelberg (Harbigweg 8, 69124 Heidelberg-Kirchheim). Please bring along 5 € for the indoor-court fee. If you are interested, please write an email to: to get the upcoming dates.


Class of 2017 - Student Representatives


Beatrice Casati

Cancer Biology

Kevin Jimenez-Cowell

Cancer Biology

Elisa C.Barazzone


Arion Förtsch


Ann-Kathrin Mehnert

Infectious Diseases

Martin Kampmann

Infectious Diseases

Burce Kabaoglu


Eileen Brouwer


Zeynep Aydin

Dev & Stem Cells

Viola Kuehnel

Dev & Stem Cells

Nabila El Arbi


Pranas Grigaitis


Class of 2016 - Student Representatives


Gideon Bergheim

Dev.& Stem Cell

Niklas Vockert

Systems Biology

Manuela Aguirre


Robert Frömel


Christian Sommerauer

Infectious Diseases

Leanne Strauss

Infectious Diseases

Lalita Srisawang


Mona Tomaschko


Victoria Jennings

Cancer Biology

Yassin Harim

Cancer Biology

Florian Hinterberger


Tammy Lan

International Matters

Bea Riebesehl

Dev.& Stem Cell


Class of 2015 - Student Representatives



Florian Grünschläger

Cancer Biology

Janina Kupke


Rana Fetit

Cancer Biology

Maximilian Reinert

Molecular Plant Science

Jana Fuhrmann

Dev Stem Cells

Adrian Westhaus

Infectious Diseases

Bryan Frey


Juan Diaz Miyar


Laila Magin


Annika Schneider

Systems Biology