Wie Schalter in Bakterien funktionieren

14/10/2017 Viele Bakterien besitzen Riboschalter als molekulare Kontrollelemente, über die sie Gene an- und abschalten können. Wie diese „riboswitches“ funktionieren, haben Forscher des Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie, der Universität Heidelberg und der Freien Universität Berlin nun mithilfe der lichtoptischen Mikroskopie an Einzelmolekülen grundlegend untersucht. [...]

MSc Molecular Biosciences

Molecular Biosciences is an international Master/PhD Programme introduced by the Faculty of Biosciences. It has been running successfully since October 2007. All of the teaching is in English and we welcome students from all over the world.
Molecular Biosciences offers you the chance to continue your academic career in your favourite field of Biosciences. You can choose between 8 different Majors:

Each Major is designed to provide a comprehensive but focussed training in the most exciting fields of modern biological research. Each Major represents a special research area in Heidelberg. Our goal is to give you an intensive training and tutoring with a strong emphasis on original research to provide you with an optimal start to our Faculty's Graduate programmes, to continue your academic career with your PhD.

Heidelberg is famous for its concentration of world-class biological research laboratories, all of which are open to our students. The members of the Faculty of Biosciences, most of which work and teach in the Bioquant, BZH, Center for Infectious Diseases, COS, DKFZ, IPMB, IZN or ZMBH, would like to welcome and guide you as prospective members of our research community.